Making It Fit to Ship

When you choose LCL, you choose efficiencies that go well beyond a single shipment. LCL means sharing not only space in a single container, it means sharing an entire network—and that creates efficiencies for resources and for the environment.

And when you choose Vanguard, you choose those efficiencies plus a whole lot more. You choose reliability, superior local service, visibility, and lower costs—all with a consistently high-level customer experience.

Vanguard combines all those elements into an approach we call making it fit to ship, and our unique approach means that you get the:

  • right space. We find the best space fit for your goods—LCL, FCL, even air accommodation.
  • right preparation. We make sure your shipment and documents fit all applicable requirements.
  • right solution. We provide a door-to-door solution—be it a single service or a selection of services—fit to your shipping needs and business priorities.

Making it fit to ship ultimately means making the most efficient and most fitting choices for your shipping needs and business priorities—and that’s what we do at Vanguard.