Vanguard was among the first operators in non-container-sized cargo consolidation – and remains the premier NVOCC provider of LCL consolidation today. Our commanding position is a function of our structure, our scale, and our services.

Vanguard structure: complementing and extending networks

We manage the vast majority of shipments end-to-end: our network of own-managed facilities and offices allows us to maintain control of processes and ensure consistently high service standards. Our processes allow us to interface seamlessly with customers’ existing program, meaning that Vanguard’s reach can be used to complement large freight forwarder’s own networks and extend the reach of smaller operators – flexibly and efficiently.

Vanguard scale: reach and capabilities

No matter where on the globe, Vanguard offers access at consistent service levels: we complement our extensive own-managed network with selected, integrated agents to offer broader and deeper reach than other operators.

  • Vanguard runs 1,200 direct services every week
  • Vanguard operates approximately 24,000 port-to-port pairs
  • Vanguard employs 3,000 LCL experts in 120 offices in 30 countries
  • Vanguard partners with agents to extend into more than 100 countries
  • Vanguard moves c.8 million cubic meters shipments every year
  • Vanguard works with 35 carriers to ship more than a quarter of a million TEUs annually

Our size means that we can offer better reliability, higher frequency, and lower prices while maintaining capabilities such as best-in-class visibility and compliance throughout our network and proven DG handling competence. The scale of Vanguard’s operations ensures schedule integrity, lowers transit times, and all but eradicates roll-overs, securing our customers’ supply chains.

Vanguard services: IT integration and value-adds

As a tech-led organization, Vanguard sets new standards of IT integration in the logistics sector. LCL customers have access to our sophisticated technology platform, allowing them to plan and then monitor and manage their freight movements independently and using their own systems. Meanwhile, Vanguard’s range of value-added ancillary services which plug straight into LCL include CFS & warehousing and inland solutions: this is what makes Vanguard service truly point-to-point.

Vanguard’s size represents a real advantage not only its global coverage and service levels, but in the frequency of its sailings and the integrity of its scheduling – and, not least, in price. Find out more about our offer here.